[B.Sc] (Nursing)

About [B.Sc] (Nursing)


Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an under graduate course in the stream of nursing. The duration of the bachelor’s degree in nursing is of 4 years.

The basic eligibility for the course is 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Nursing staff can find employment in areas like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and health departments, railways and defense etc


The duration of the course is of 4 years, however the course is divided into two parts

Bsc (Basic) -This is the regular course where the duration is of 4 years.

Bsc (Post-Basic) -It is further subdivided into two categories

Regular-This course is of 2 years which consist of 10+2+General Nursing and Midwifery (G.N.M).

Distance- This course is of 3 years which consist of 10+2+G.N.M+2 years of experience.

What is the course about?

The objective of the course is to demonstrate competency in the knowledge and skills in providing comprehensive nursing care based on problem solving approach in the hospital and community. In this way a person can practically contribute a lot to the society.Since it involves nursing of the wounded or ill, a lot of sectors require these graduates hence this profession is also in great demand and the demand is only expected to increase in the future as well. In India the course is registered under and is controlled by Indian Nursing Council.

Who should go with the course?

A person who is genuinely interested to serve the society by treating and caring patients should not think twice before taking this course. As a nurse, a person make a huge difference in people’s lives. A caring and compassionate nurse is considered as a guardian angel by patients. This can be a very satisfying and gratifying career for the compassionate.

Academic options after this course?

A person can go further for a masters in nursing which is a great advantage as it increases the expertise in the field generating more demand and better opportunities. If a person wishes to go into teaching, then a Ph.D. is advised.

Eligibility Of the Bachelor of Science [B.Sc] (Nursing)

Following are the eligibility criteria for different type of B.Sc. Nursing course

Bsc (Basic) - A person should be 10+2 pass in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. A person should be medically fit.

Bsc (Post-Basic) - A person should be 10+2 pass in PCB, a person who is 10+1 pass is also eligible for admission. A person must have obtained a certificate in General Nursing and Midwifery and registered as R.N.R.M. with the State Nurses Registration Council.

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